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Word Example of - chatter

    Example Sentences for chatter

    Many of these pages, I fondly foresee, must consist but of the record of their chatter.

    Marcia has some guests on the porch; he hears their chatter and laughter.

    Red squirrels came down close to my head to chatter and scold and drive me out of the solitude.

    Can I exercise my thoughts, with the chatter of a parrot in my ears?

    The chatter of a squirrel high up somewhere in the branches of an oak, recalled him to his wits.

    They may follow you, and chatter and laugh; but at least they have not learnt to beg.

    You chatter, but don't work; and that's why you've lost hold of them.

    What a buzz and clack and chatter there was in the room to be sure!

    Somehow she got them out of the chatter after dinner, got him back to his suite.

    The Frenchman's chatter which had previously amused Pierre now repelled him.

Word Origin & History of - chatter

    Word Origin & History

    chatter early 13c., chateren "to twitter, gossip," earlier cheateren, chiteren, of echoic origin.

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