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The Synonym of - chatterbox (noun)

Word Example of - chatterbox

    Example Sentences for chatterbox

    And then she is such a chatterbox; she will hardly let me get in a word.

    But Charlie never got that half-dollar, and I do not think such a chatterbox deserved it.

    The Chatterbox at once scented a wedding, so he took breath and followed her.

    I am no chatterbox, and will certainly not betray your confidence.

    The Chatterbox, in his glory, assumed the manners of a general at the head of his troops.

    I tell her many a time, I wonder her tongue does not ache, such a chatterbox as she is.

    No nursery would be complete without a Chatterbox, and, as a reward to keep him quiet, The Prize would come in useful.

    Why, Bet, you chatterbox, are you talking about your friend the captain?

    Silence, silence, chatterbox; who put such ideas into your head?

    Yudushka was more of a chatterbox, liar and rascal than hypocrite.

Word Origin & History of - chatterbox

    Word Origin & History

    chatterbox 1774, from chatter + box.

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