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Word Example of - check

    Example Sentences for check

    They cheered her, and the interpreter did not check them, but cheered too.

    His warning was in vain; he had lighted a fire and now could not check it.

    Raoul felt like shooting them all, just for being Potawatomi, but he held the impulse in check.

    The nearest atlas or gazetteer is enough to check this statement.

    The check you gave him was never paid, not even the sum for which you wrote it.

    He gave them their check, and they went aboard their schooner.

    The Journal sent the check to Jimmy and the game tickets to Eric.

    It would be well to check his quarters first, then check, say, 7E.

    One check, indeed, is placed upon the power of the Irish Cabinet.

    He could check their records, and get a clue to their efficiency.

Word Origin & History of - check

    Word Origin & History of - check

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