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Word Example of - checkmate

    Example Sentences for checkmate

    The Black king cannot be left on any other square without a checkmate being possible.

    Two fleets equipped with the new device might checkmate each other.

    I do believe the creature'll checkmate me now, all by his ridiculous English heavy persistency!

    Therefore, it is imperative that we know Grant's plans so that we can checkmate them.

    There's two of us and two of them, and the next move must be ours, or they'll checkmate our king all right.

    You and I will try to checkmate that pack if there is anything uncanny in it.

    From now on we should be able to checkmate them pretty neatly.

    I checkmate you with the little tool I have here—my reserve force.

    "I think that's checkmate for marmzelle," whispered Mr. Dark, with his invariable wink.

    Only an expert could checkmate the consequences of weather manoeuvres like these.

Word Origin & History of - checkmate

    Word Origin & History

    checkmate c.1346, from O.Fr. eschec mat, ult. from Pers. shah mat, lit. "the king is left helpless," from shah "king" + mat "he is dead."

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