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Word Example of - cheerlessness

    Example Sentences for cheerlessness

    The room glowed with warmth and light that drove away the cheerlessness of a foggy, late August drizzle.

    Everywhere you felt the cheerlessness of a house which is not lived in.

    Such a companion for herself in the periods of anxiety and cheerlessness before her!

    The cheerlessness of it Loftus hated, as all New Yorkers do.

    It was a chill night, and a driving rain added to the cheerlessness of the dreary bivouac in the valley.

    The house a scene of confusion, misrule, cheerlessness, and dirt.

    He forgot the cheerlessness which he was about to face, the lonely night before him.

    He knew from personal experience the cheerlessness of the house which has but lately harboured the dead.

    They looked in at the open door and snorted at the cheerlessness of the place.

    There was a stillness and gloom about these uninviting, dark houses; a cheerlessness not to be found in the densest woods.

Word Origin & History of - cheerlessness

    Word Origin & History of - cheerlessness

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