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Word Example of - cheers

    Example Sentences for cheers

    He is snatched from the ranks and embraced amidst the cheers of all observers.

    They had no doubt that the cheers were the signal for the attack.

    But these sounds were fewer, except those of cheers, which grew more frequent.

    The Frenchmen returned the salute by a discharge of their muskets and by three cheers.

    The cheers grew faint, lacking vitality, and the stir of feet was a nerve-racked stir.

    The coming of a cloud into the sky would have been greeted with cheers.

    Is he not satisfied with the spoil, the captives, and the cheers of the people?

    The cheers were given, but Captain Sedley could not but question the motives of him who had proposed them.

    Dicky's health was drunk with cheers and laughter, and Dilly completed its subject's confusion by kissing him.

    Cheers came from the mouths of seven thousand men, women and children.

Word Origin & History of - cheers

    Word Origin & History

    cheer early 13c., from Anglo-Norm. chere "the face," from O.Fr. chiere, from L.L. cara "face," from Gk. kara "head," from PIE base *ker- "head." Already by M.E. meaning had extended metaphorically to "mood, demeanor, mental condition" as reflected in the face. Could be in a good or bad sense ("The feend ... beguiled her with treacherye, and brought her into a dreerye cheere," "Merline," c.1500), but positive sense has predominated since c.1400. Meaning "shout of encouragement" first recorded 1720, perhaps nautical slang (earlier "to encourage by words or deeds," early 15c.). Cheer up (intrans.) ...first attested 1670s. Cheers as a salute or toast when taking a drink is British, 1919. The old English greeting what cheer was picked up by Algonquian Indians of southern New England from the Puritans and spread in Indian languages as far as Canada.

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