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Word Example of - cherish

    Example Sentences for cherish

    We cherish our friendship with all nations that are or would be free.

    How ungenerous—while you have one to cherish and who cherishes you, that you will have me lonely!

    We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world; and it is the fear of God that makes us love and cherish peace.

    Every act we do, every thought we think, every feeling we cherish exists in time.

    I cherish your so periodical and so munificent thoughts of me as one of the good things of this world of worries.

    We can prepare our hearts for its entrance; we can welcome and cherish it when it comes.

    But, in my worst troubles, something has always turned up to make me love and cherish the human heart.

    Cherish your health, that you may be able to fulfill all your duties.

    I will shew how I cherish your memory, by my care of your eldest born!

    He can restore my eye whenever he will, so I cherish no anger against thee.'

Word Origin & History of - cherish

    Word Origin & History

    cherish c.1320, from O.Fr. chériss-, extended stem of chérir "to hold dear," from cher "dear," from L. carus (see whore).