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Word Example of - chicane

    Example Sentences for chicane

    Apparently Judge Dunder had in this case resolved to wink a little at chicane and decide for justice in the broader sense.

    He had vowed war in his youth against the 'demon of chicane.'

    His parts, which were quick and vigorous, had enabled him early to master the science of chicane.

    There had never been any chicane like the chicane she was presently going to commit.

    In the first pages of Colonel Chabert the novelist gives us a sketch of the interior where he acquired his knowledge of chicane.

    You want a field for your remarkable talent for conspiracy and chicane.

    But the present extravagant proposition can only lead to chicane and quarrels.

    Laws are made to be kept, else we live in a house of chicane.

    His crafty devices are chiefly due to his knowledge of the law, which was full of chicane and known to few.

    Why should we leave room for illiterate fishermen to wrangle and chicane?

Word Origin & History of - chicane

    Word Origin & History

    chicane in various senses, "obstacles on a roadway" (20c.), also a term in bridge, apparently all ult. from verb chicane (c.1672), from Fr. chicaner "to pettifog, quibble" (15c., see chicanery).

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