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Word Example of - chicken-out

    Example Sentences for chicken

    Her head inclined ever so little in the direction of the half-scared, half-defiant "chicken."

    Before sending to the table, remove the thread with which the chicken has been sewed.

    The family cooks and eats the chicken, and the affected member is expected to recover at once.

    When browned dip in the sauce of the chicken and serve the whole together.

    “Mrs Wilton came this afternoon and brought me a chicken and some wine and grapes,” said Jenny, at last.

    Add the giblets from the squabs and some more of chicken, if at hand.

    Make the white sauce, heat the chicken in it and fill the patties at the last moment; put a bit of parsley on top of each one.

    The pigeon (or chicken) must be opened and stuffed with a cutlet of milk veal.

    The lad muttered something, but the only word they could distinguish was "chicken!"

    Remove the veal and chicken when cooked, and chop them fine.

Word Origin & History of - chicken-out

    Word Origin & History

    chicken O.E. cycen "young fowl," which in M.E. came to mean "young chicken," then any chicken, from W.Gmc. *kiukinam, from base *keuk- (possibly root of cock, of echoic origin) + dim. suffix. Sense of "cowardly" is at least as old as 14c.; the v. meaning "to back down or fail through cowardice" is from 1943, U.S. slang; as a game of danger to test courage, it is first recorded 1953. Chicken hawk "public person who advocates war but who declined significant opportunity to serve in uniform during wartime" is attested from at least 1988, Amer.Eng. Chicken feed "paltry sum of money" is from 1904. Chickweed ...(c.1440) was in O.E. cicene mete "chicken food."

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