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Word Example of - child

    Example Sentences for child

    Between parent and child, the intimacy had been unusually close.

    "I can stay over night," said Pen, like a child out of school.

    As it is, I don't see my husband all day, and now I've a child whom I never see at all.

    As yet a child, nor yet a fool to fame, I lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.

    She only knew that her child was close by—here in New York—and had asked for her.

    You were about to tell me something, child, but you left off before you began.

    "We wouldn't have to work them out if we had the faith of a child," said Kate, warmly.

    The child had a bun in both hands, and had stopped in the middle of a bite to watch her.

    I have lost my son, but I have found his child—my granddaughter.

    She snatched up the child with a vehemence which frightened it into a shrill cry.

Word Origin & History of - child

    Word Origin & History

    child O.E. cild "child," from P.Gmc. *kiltham (source of Gothic kilþei "womb"), unrelated to other languages. Also in O.E. meaning "a youth of gentle birth" (archaic, usually written childe). In 16c., especially "girl child." The difficulty with the plural began in O.E., where the nom. pl. was at first cild, identical with the sing., then c.975 pl. form cildru (gen. cildra) arose, only to be re-pluraled c.1175 as children, which is thus a double plural. M.E. plural cildre survives in Lancashire dialect childer and in Childermas (c.1000) "festival of the Holy Innocents" (Dec. 28).