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Word Example of - chill

    Example Sentences for chill

    The whining of Mistisi told him that the dog, too, was clad in the like chill armor.

    Pocahontas contrasted this chill with the warmth of church socials at home.

    The chill presence of death has altered the aspect of everything.

    It was a sharp, feverish attack brought on by a chill the night before.

    No whale was to be seen; but what struck a chill to every heart, only five heads could be counted!

    But how raw and chill it felt as I went up the companion-ladder.

    But a chill had been cast over the assembly, and nothing was quite the same as it had been before.

    Homeward went the sweet Eliza; Oh, her heart was chill and cold:— Wo is me!

    Now he woke to his sober wits with a chill of mortification and disappointment not to be expressed.

    This soon began to alternate with chill misgivings at the novelty of the situation.

Word Origin & History of - chill

    Word Origin & History

    chill O.E. ciele, cele "cold," from P.Gmc. *kal- "to be cold," from PIE base *gel- "cold." The verb (both lit. and figurative) is 14c., from the noun. Meaning "hang out" first recorded 1985; from earlier (1979) sense of chill out "relax."

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