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Word Example of - chime

    Example Sentences for chime

    Does not the verse clank and chime like sword sheath on spur, like the bits of champing horses?

    It was not the clock's chime that had awakened her she thought.

    And then one day there suddenly drifted across the deathlike valley the chime of jingling spurs and the sound of human voices.

    Your uncle, or great-uncle Thomas, started a subscription for a chime of bells.

    The only sounds, save the soughing sighs of the giant branches, are the chime of the waterfall and the chirping of birds.

    Uncle Tom lived there—Uncle Tom, who started the subscription for the chime of bells.

    Now all the people knew that at the top of the tower was a chime of Christmas bells.

    I'll play you a chime of rods on your back through the squares of Paris!

    But on Sundays and holy days, they chime them, as at other times.

    A clock inside the hall began to chime midnight, and he turned on his heel.

Word Origin & History of - chime

    Word Origin & History

    chime c.1300, from L. cymbalum (see cymbal, which is what the word originally meant), perhaps through O.Fr. chimbe or directly from L. as O.E. cimbal, either one likely misinterpreted as chymbe bellen "chime bells."

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