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Word Example of - chock-full

    Example Sentences for chock-full

    The refreshment-room also was chock-full and buzzed with loud, laughing voices.

    The spirit atmosphere in which we live is full, chock-full, of cross-currents.

    But when a fellow's heart is chock-full, it's hard to shut down on it sometimes.

    The ground was chock-full of big roots, and we hadn't time to remove them.

    "You talk like one who is chock-full of poetry," retorted the eel.

    And allows that Mayor Hopkins is chock-full of saving grace!

    That pipe's been up so long that I wouldn't wonder if 'twas chock-full of soot.

    He is as chock-full of noble sentiments as a bladder is of wind.

    I saw how chock-full I must be of conceit really to mind that, as I did, and to show off, and talk like a gentleman.

    The house is chock-full, and eight soldiers are already lodged in the outhouses.

Word Origin & History of - chock-full

    Word Origin & History

    chock-full c.1400, chokkeful, possibly from choke "cheek." Or it may be from O.Fr. choquier "collide, thrust." Chock-a-block is nautical, said of two blocks of tackle run so closely they touch.

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