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Word Example of - choice

    Example Sentences for choice

    We have exercised the highest function of the will and made a choice.

    I am as well satisfied with my choice of an occupation in life as ever.

    He that was always counted a choice boy by all that knew him!

    He has no longer the choice whether to be a pilgrim in the desert or to stay at home.

    She must be a foreigner—Italian, for choice, in spite of her English eyes.

    "As to that, you pays your money, and takes your choice," laughed Louis.

    Sip, my friend, you embrace the Goddess of your choice above.

    Heaven is here, and by your own choice you stop outside of it.

    That is his good fortune, but not his merit, for he has no choice in the matter.

    The election resulted in the choice of Hoge by a majority of 455!

Word Origin & History of - choice

    Word Origin & History

    choice c.1300, from O.Fr. chois, from v. choisir "to choose," from a Gmc. source (cf. Gothic *kausjan "to taste, test"), from P.Gmc. base *kaus-, *keus-. Replaced O.E. cyre, from the same base, probably because the imported word was closer to choose. Sense of "that which is preferable to be chosen, the flower, the elite" is from 1494, from adj. in this sense (c.1350).

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