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Word Example of - choicest

    Example Sentences for choicest

    In whichever direction the footsteps may incline, one is brought before the last mementos of the choicest dust of England.

    The lake furnished the choicest fish, and the forest supplied them with venison and every variety of game.

    He sang the choicest music from the various operas to92 astonished and delighted audiences.

    He bade them be seated near his father and brought them the choicest meat.

    Meanwhile, with Ninetta, I discourse sweet nothings in my choicest idiom which has grown rather rusty in England.

    Nature seemed at her best, and this was one of her choicest scenes.

    At any rate they are not using the choicest language from what little I know of the language; Jack.

    They are all choice and rare tulips, I may say the choicest and rarest in the kingdom.

    There you found the choicest legal and political gossips, with the best the market afforded of meat and drink.

    Yet I was assured that this was the choicest coffee grown in Java.

Word Origin & History of - choicest

    Word Origin & History

    choice c.1300, from O.Fr. chois, from v. choisir "to choose," from a Gmc. source (cf. Gothic *kausjan "to taste, test"), from P.Gmc. base *kaus-, *keus-. Replaced O.E. cyre, from the same base, probably because the imported word was closer to choose. Sense of "that which is preferable to be chosen, the flower, the elite" is from 1494, from adj. in this sense (c.1350).

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