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Word Example of - choking

    Example Sentences for choking

    Steptoe looked at the boy with a choking sense of satisfaction and pride.

    A choking voice answered, "Give me a little while to draw my breath."

    He laughed, as if something was choking him, and turned away with a toss of his arms.

    One night about a month after my return, I woke from a sound sleep, choking.

    It was terribly still, and I could hear him choking, a long way off, as I came back across the lines.

    Thus she concluded her reflections, while Kollomietzev was choking with indignation.

    Staggering free of the wreckage, he found himself enveloped in a choking pall of smoke.

    There was a rattling in his throat, and every now and again he gave a choking sob.

    So she read her very best, and swallowed the choking smoke patiently.

    Jack's teeth were clenched, his throat contracted, he was choking.

Word Origin & History of - choking

    Word Origin & History

    choke c.1200, aphetic of acheken, from O.E. aceocian "to choke" (with intensive a-), probably from base of ceoke "jaw, cheek." Meaning "valve which controls air to a carburetor" first recorded 1926. Choke-cherry (1785) so called for its astringent qualities. Choker "large neckerchief" is from 1848.

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