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Word Example of - choosing

    Example Sentences for choosing

    The sequel will prove that, in choosing their chiefs, the colonists had made no mistake about him.

    I cried out aloud that now, in this choosing of men, I should have a word.

    Have you no particular friends of your own choosing whom you would like me to ask?'

    My position could not have been better, had I spent an hour in choosing it.

    The old woman remained in the house of her pretended grandchild, not choosing to part from Preciosa.

    As soon as we choose Him, then He does all our choosing for us.

    They take the best they can find, and the higher the standard of the firm the greater the care expended in choosing the employees.

    Our friend Cuchillo has saved us the embarrassment of choosing: that is his affair.

    But they are choosing neither a king nor a President, else we should hear a most horrible snarling!

    "He was making an endless fuss about choosing his dress," said the Dog.

Word Origin & History of - choosing

    Word Origin & History

    choose O.E. ceosan "choose, taste, try" (class II strong verb; past tense ceas, pp. coren), from P.Gmc. *keusanan, from PIE base *geus- "to taste, relish" (see gusto). Variant spelling chuse is M.E., very frequent 16c.-18c. Only remotely related to choice. The irregular pp. leveled out to chosen by 1200.

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