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Word Example of - chorus

    Example Sentences for chorus

    So we rose up and called on Miggles in chorus; then separately.

    The chorus became wilder and more noisy, and I walked off into the house.

    Offered to sing “The sky is bright,” accompanying himself on the front-door, if I would go down and help in the chorus.

    There was a patter of feet on the terrace, a chorus of voices: "What is it, Ricky?"

    The chorus, in the person of soldiers, once again draws attention to the sombre aspect of the Tetrarch.

    He does that, I suppose, because he likes your singing, and wants to join in the chorus!

    On Sunday morning they went to early mass, after which they all sang hymns in chorus at home.

    "Nothing alive," said a sergeant, a remark which was followed by a chorus of agreement.

    Marriage had brought her into the Turnbull family from the chorus of a famous New York roof beauty show.

    The minor parts were soon given out, and then came the trial of the chorus.

Word Origin & History of - chorus

    Word Origin & History

    chorus 1561, from Gk. khoros "band of dancers or singers, dance, dancing ground," from PIE *ghoro-. In Attic tragedy, the khoros gave expression, between the acts, to the moral and religious sentiments evoked by the actions of the play. Originally used in theatrical sense; meaning of "a choir" first attested 1656. Meaning "the refrain of a song" (which the audience joins in singing) is 1599. Chorus girl is 1894.

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