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Word Example of - chronicle

    Example Sentences for chronicle

    Observe, however, that no mention whatever is made of London in the Chronicle.

    Through charter and chronicle, Thierry had reached the spirit of the past.

    We have yet to chronicle another chapter in the history of coal philosophy before finishing with this part of the subject.

    From that date, however, I will commence to chronicle their doings.

    What he saw in the waistcoat to chronicle I confess I have failed to see.

    Sissot,” saith a voice behind me, “what is the name of that chronicle?

    In constructing my chronicle I adopted the fiction of a Spanish monk as the chronicler.

    It is a chronicle or procession, eked out with soldiers' squabbles.

    In this part of his chronicle he relates an expedition by Harold against 'li Galeis' and 'reis Griffins, qui d'eus ert sire.'

    It needs these records of heroism to relieve the sadness of such a chronicle.

Word Origin & History of - chronicle

    Word Origin & History

    chronicle c.1300, from O.Fr. chronique, from L. chronica, from Gk. khronika (biblia) "(books of) annals," neut. pl. of khronikos "of time." The verb is from c.1440.

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