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Word Example of - chrysalis

    Example Sentences for chrysalis

    The caterpillar had cast off its chrysalis, and the incomparable butterfly appeared.

    When about to change to the chrysalis state, they suspend themselves by the tail.

    At about the end of June it turns to a chrysalis of a brownish colour.

    What organ of the insect was contained in the "handle" of the chrysalis?

    By the aid of a microscope, a 'gillyflower' was seen protecting a chrysalis.

    I hate musical people; that is, when in the chrysalis state of learning.

    He swept off his old straw hat and with it all of the gardener's chrysalis.

    Hers were ice cold—but inside they tingled and glowed, like a worm of fire in a chrysalis of ice.

    First he turned into a chrysalis, and then he turned into a butterfly.

    I only meant,' said I, 'that a chrysalis is an innocent thing.'

Word Origin & History of - chrysalis

    Word Origin & History

    chrysalis c.1600, from L. chrysallis, from Gk. khrysallis "golden colored," from khrysos "gold," of Sem. origin, + second element meaning something like "sheath."

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