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Word Example of - chuck

    Example Sentences for chuck

    Chuck the man a rope's-end and he'll haul the raft alongside.'

    The rib is the cut between the loin and chuck, and contains the best roasts.

    Well, then, isn't the edge of the water there chuck full of dead trees?

    The chuck was now over half grown, and procured his own living.

    "But look here, you must chuck that stuff away," cried Jack.

    There are times when I feel as if I should like to eat all I want, and then chuck all the rest away.

    But that day I had seen Chuck Woodcock steal in behind the hedge, ahead of the girls.

    There's nothing I like so much as to have a little to chuck away.

    Joe and Chuck were in their own car, the riot guns and walkie-talkie out of sight.

    "The chuck is better back in camp," laughed the young sergeant.

Word Origin & History of - chuck

    Word Origin & History

    chuck 1593, variant of chock "give a blow under the chin," possibly from Fr. choquer "to shock, strike against."

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