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What is a better word for cipher? What's another word for cipher? What are 5 "cipher synonyms"? How can I replace the word cipher? What is the meaning of cipher in English?

Word Example of - cipher

    Example Sentences for cipher

    Well, we'll drop the kings at present and go on with the cipher.

    Half of these on entry could not read, write, or cipher, but all learned to do so.

    At once the silent signal was given signifying, in the cipher code, "Americans in the house!"

    The thing that does fuss me sometimes though is to send and receive in cipher.

    For surely a man may devise a cryptic language, a cipher, a jargon.

    This misty inquiry was as intelligible to her mother as a cipher to the holders of a key.

    A cipher has a double meaning, one clear, and one in which it is said that the meaning is hidden.

    Mrs. Sandworth without her brother was a cipher with no figure before it.

    The tender Antoinette would dismiss everything from her memory; you would be less than a cipher for her.

    They not only changed their cipher, but they sent their message in code.

Word Origin & History of - cipher

    Word Origin & History

    cipher 1399, from M.L. cifra, from Arabic sifr "zero," lit. "empty, nothing," from safara "to be empty," loan-transl. of Skt. sunya-s "empty." Came to Europe with Arabic numerals. Original meaning "zero," then "any numeral," then (first in Fr. and It.) "coded message" (first attested in Eng. 1528), since early codes often substituted numbers for letters. The verb meaning "to do arithmetic (with Arabic numerals) first attested 1530.