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The Synonym of - circumnavigate (verb)

Word Example of - circumnavigate

    Example Sentences for circumnavigate

    They circumnavigate it now with a speed under which its vast bulk shrinks.

    Magellan starts on his expedition to circumnavigate the world.

    He regretted that he had not been possessed of a better vessel, which would have enabled him to circumnavigate Van Diemen's land.

    She really ought to be the first to circumnavigate Havnholme.

    Had Columbus not wished with consuming ardor to circumnavigate the globe, he would never have encountered America.

    This is a large and deep bay, which it would have required a day's travel to circumnavigate.

    I told you that I set out to go round the world; but to go round the world does not necessarily mean to circumnavigate it.

    No one on visiting Ceylon, who can possibly spare the necessary time, should fail to circumnavigate the island.

    We assured them that we had landed in Sokotra (which they pronounce Sakoutra) to see the island, and not to circumnavigate it.

    Then you step into a cockle-shell and circumnavigate a pond, so small that it almost makes you dizzy to sail around it.

Word Origin & History of - circumnavigate

    Word Origin & History

    circumnavigate 1630s, from L. circumnavigare, from circum "around" + navigare (see navigation).

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