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Word Example of - circumvent

    Example Sentences for circumvent

    But the watchful Nephele contrived to circumvent her cruel designs, and succeeded in getting the children out of the palace.

    Then he set about seeing what he could do to circumvent her.

    Nature is strong, and she manages to circumvent, to a certain extent, the obstructive devices of man.

    He had a faith in prayer that no mere reasoning could obstruct or circumvent.

    Perhaps because it was deemed the hardest to circumvent, the use of conjuration against the life of the queen was most feared.

    Caste feeling will come in and shield and circumvent and get behind the law.

    When this was done, he could decide in a very few minutes on the course to circumvent him.

    But Kennedy was an open enemy, and had a right to circumvent us if he could.

    He had been wise enough to keep this in mind when trying to circumvent the obstinate feline enemy that refused to let them pass.

    To lie, to deceive, to circumvent even the basest of mankind was odious to him.

Word Origin & History of - circumvent

    Word Origin & History

    circumvent 1534, "to surround by hostile stratagem," from L. circumventus, pp. of circumvenire "to get around," from circum "around" + venire "to come" (see venue). Meaning "to go round" is from 1840.

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