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Word Example of - citation

    Example Sentences for citation

    This citation points out that the Sunday class work must not conflict with the religious services.

    Citation unclear: text looks like xxu but passage is at xxii .

    I did not wait to be twice bidden, and did justice to Miss Grant's citation on the way to Dean.

    Can you give the citation of the decision that you have mentioned?

    Their citation in support of the thesis of Church opposition to science, theoretic or applied, is entirely without justification.

    Now, I ask, where are the sixty days given me in the citation?

    This influence of Goethe over Emerson's views of evolution is clearly evident in the citation already made.

    So far the rains have not been a feature worthy of citation, as against the climate.

    One citation for shooting it out with a burglar and another for nabbing a past-post crook at Lefko's horse room.

    How far in Europe would this be the case with a citation from the Bible?

Word Origin & History of - citation

    Word Origin & History

    citation c.1300, from O.Fr. citation, from L. citationem (nom. citatio) "a command," pp. of citare "to summon" (see cite). Meaning "passage cited, quotation" is from 1540s.

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