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Word Example of - clean-sweep

    Example Sentences for clean

    The clean heart must continue contrite, if it is not to cease to be clean.

    My money's as clean as yours, if it is Solomon White's money.

    Then came a fair one clean across the rubber, but Joel did not strike.

    The inlet from the stream should be so placed that it is easy to get at and clean.

    I made a clean breast of it to the chaplain and he helped me a lot.

    It is an Augean stable we have to clean, but Hercules was one, and we are many.

    Think how impossible it is to be clean or decent amid such surroundings.

    Had not his Aunt Sophie often pronounced it clean and healthy?

    One of his men brought it into the house and gave it to Aunt Nancy, with orders to clean and cook it at once.

    Clean the duck, putting aside the giblets, and cut off the head and legs.

Word Origin & History of - clean-sweep

    Word Origin & History of - clean-sweep

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