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Word Example of - climactic

    Example Sentences for climactic

    The climactic character of their contents has already been pointed out, and nothing more need be said of it.

    The silence lengthened until it became acute, epochal, climactic.

    More and more moving is the climactic melody of regret with a blended song in large and little.

    Climactic of all the riders rode the cowboy, who lived with horse and herd.

    The feeling was the same—sick revulsion and horror, such as would be felt at some climactic blasphemy.

    The climactic motive of the sea acclaiming the rising sun is there, but reversed.

    Maybe the fourth or the eighth step will be "climactic" steps, especially arranged to make a climax in the dance and win applause.

    As the pilgrim to his Mecca, so the waters are wafted into the climactic motive of the Hradschin, the chant of the holy citadel.

    Sad indeed the result if any curtain effect in appeal and power usurp the royal place of the climactic scene!

    The climactic clash ends in a last verse of the opening phrase, as of primal, religious chant.

Word Origin & History of - climactic

    Word Origin & History

    climactic 1872, from climax, apparently on the analogy of syntax/syntactic.

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