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Word Example of - climax

    Example Sentences for climax

    In the meantime the nation had risen to its climax of power and wealth, and showered riches and jewels upon its great cathedral.

    The type of play reached a climax in the middle of the seventeenth century.

    The curtain came down upon the climax, but there was no applause, and the audience silently filtered out into the street.

    This was necessary as a climax, for they had performed, not a mere deed, but a ceremonial.

    Often, however, there is as much pleasure for the public emotionally in working up to the climax as in the climax itself.

    But now, at the climax of his fortunes, his career was abruptly closed.

    To complete the climax, a General wholly unfit for his position, was to open the campaign.

    Industrial society is probably the climax of this optimization effort.

    The climax, where conscience is slain, is a startling picture which appeals to most of humanity.

    To Normandy it brings at once the climax of her power and the beginning of her fall.

Word Origin & History of - climax

    Word Origin & History

    climax 1589, from L.L. climax (gen. climacis), from Gk. klimax "propositions rising in effectiveness," lit. "ladder," from base of klinein "to slope," from PIE base *klei- "to lean" (see lean (v.)). The rhetorical meaning evolved in Eng. through "series of steps by which a goal is achieved," to "escalating steps," to (1789) "high point," a usage credited by the OED "to popular ignorance." The verb is 1835, from the noun. The meaning "orgasm" is first recorded 1918, apparently coined by birth-control pioneer Marie Stopes, as a more accessible word than orgasm.

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