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Word Example of - clip

    Example Sentences for clip

    It had absorbed the American accent, the American clip and drawl.

    But as regards her meshes, why, after all, should I clip them?

    Matt cast a significant look at Morales, and Clip took the Mexican by the arm, led him out on the porch, and bade him good-by.

    He pressed, one after another, a full twenty rounds into the gun's clip.

    I hope that before the year is out she will clip the waves and show herself to advantage in foreign ports.

    "The weight of the clip depends on good grazing," he explained to Donald.

    But every now and then some unskilful person, in attempting to clip the wick to make it brighter, snuffs it out.

    If this pony were mine, the first thing I should do would be to clip his wings!

    The end of the band is then turned back over the clip and held down by a staple.

    Clip his Main off close to his Neck, from his head to his shoulders.

Word Origin & History of - clip

    Word Origin & History

    clip "cut," c.1200, from O.N. klippa, probably echoic. Meaning "rate of speed is c.1867. Noun meaning "extract from a movie" is from 1958.

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