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The Synonym of - clipping (noun)

Word Example of - clipping

    Example Sentences for clipping

    An inputting or inthrusting or infoisting of a sound or clipping into a word.

    He felt for his leather wallet and handed Bruce the clipping.

    The peace which orthodox religion is said to bring is obtained by clipping the Infinite and reducing it to a finite.

    Let me first read what Marian says, Roger; then we'll take the clipping.

    Well, zur, I doant know much about the shampoodling, but our ostler's used to clipping horses.

    This clipping is what causes the uneven quality of fur which appears in his picture.

    I had simply asked the clipping bureau to send me one hundred horrors and I had got them.

    We have no time to spare for clipping and laying and all that sort of thing.

    Her hand shook so that she could hardly give him the clipping.

    I must have, I must have—well, I can't stand that clipping business any longer.

Word Origin & History of - clipping

    Word Origin & History

    clip "cut," c.1200, from O.N. klippa, probably echoic. Meaning "rate of speed is c.1867. Noun meaning "extract from a movie" is from 1958.

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