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Word Example of - clock

    Example Sentences for clock

    His eye is on the clock; he will rise in time, and he will rise in comfort!

    With considerable of a to-do, Mrs. Norris announced the gift of a grandfather's clock.

    What say you to ten of the clock this night for our setting out?

    Servants sometimes say "she" of a clock, but every one gives a gender to vessels.

    A clock may stand still, but a nation which does so is retrograde.

    Next after Big Tom and his own hair he hated the clock most.

    She then dropped the two eggs in the same teakettle and consulted the clock.

    She took to watching the clock, and wishing it were to-morrow morning.

    But you do all this, not from any selfish motives, but from a sense of duty to the clock itself.

    "You'll see," mourned Johnnie, his eyes on the clock as he talked.

Word Origin & History of - clock

    Word Origin & History of clock

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