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Word Example of - clog

    Example Sentences for clog

    The erudition is borne with ease; it does not clog or overload the poet's impulse.

    Bring me that log over there, and I'll fasten it to the chain for a clog.

    Some advise hitching to a clog, but I generally use a stake, and seldom, ever lose a mink by footing.

    They feel as though a burden were lifted off them, a clog removed.

    Do you mean to say that my father has told you that he intends to clog his legacy with the burden of a wife?

    She threw down the clog, lifted one finger, and said “Pitty!”

    But why record the feeble disjointed efforts of a soul struggling with her clog of earth?

    It seemed to clog the ears, and made breathing a deeper exercise.

    "The clog's got fast among the rocks in there, and he's held as tight as can be; that's what's the matter," Steve sang out.

    Then there was the clog of his body, another separate thing.

Word Origin & History of - clog

    Word Origin & History

    clog early 14c., clogge "a lump of wood," origin unknown. The sense of "wooden-soled shoe" is first recorded early 15c., probably originally meaning the wooden sole itself. The sense of "hinder" is from late 14c., originally by fastening a block of wood to something; meaning "choke up" is 17c.

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