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"clone Synonyms"

What is a better word for clone? What's another word for clone? What are 5 "clone synonyms"? How can I replace the word clone? What is the meaning of clone in English?

Word Example of - clone

    Example Sentences for clone

    "I have not," said Betty, blushing rosy red (though she could not have told why) under her aunt's clone scrutiny.

    Whatever other injury was or was not clone, his appetite, at least, felt considerably reduced.

    If it had not been for you and your sweet sister, I do not know what we should have clone; but it 's all over now.

Word Origin & History of - clone

    Word Origin & History

    clone 1903, in botany, from Gk. klon "a twig." The verb is first recorded 1959. Extension to genetic duplication of human beings is from 1970.