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Word Example of - closeness

    Example Sentences for closeness

    "Jenny, Jenny," pleaded Maurice, relaxing the closeness of his embrace.

    The closeness of this vote explained the welcome that was extended to the new-comers.

    This closeness, without drain or the means of having any, was the sole merit of the valley.

    Closeness to the natural environment is definitive of this stage.

    The closeness of the fit and the flowing lines recall the best days of the armourers art.

    Well, I imagine I should look at a man who preferred a claim of that sort with some closeness!

    Notwithstanding the closeness of this hole, it was excessively cold.

    Part way in she was, when her closeness to the coral edge compelled her to go about.

    When I mount up to my bed-room, a smell of closeness and flue gets lazily up my nose like sleepy snuff.

    It really did not trouble Irene that Lorna should cling to this habit of closeness.

Word Origin & History of - closeness

    Word Origin & History

    close c.1200, "to shut, cover in," from O.Fr. clos- pp. stem of clore "shut," from L. clausus, pp. of claudere "to close, block up, put an end to, enclose, confine," from PIE base *klau- "hook, crooked or forked branch" (used as a bar or bolt in primitive structures); cf. L. clavis "key," clavus "nail," claustrum "bar, bolt, barrier," claustra "dam, wall, barricade, stronghold;" Gk. kleidos "bar, bolt, key," klobos "cage;" O.Ir. clo "nail;" O.C.S. kljucu "hook, key," kljuciti "shut;" Lith. kliuti "to catch, be caught on," kliaudziu "check, hinder," kliuvu "clasp, hang;" O.H.G. sliozan "shut," Ger. ...schließen "shut," Schüßel "key;" M.Ir. clithar "hedge, fence." Replaced O.E. beclysan.

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