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Word Example of - cloud

    Example Sentences for cloud

    “But I like to have a cloud to shine on,” said loving little Goldilocks.

    There must not be the shadow of a cloud between us for a moment.

    A cloud passes across the sun and instantly everything is cooled.

    Let's ride faster and get through it before that cloud gets over the moon.

    From the summit they “looked down upon a boiling sea of cloud, dashing against the crags on which we stood.”

    Then a cloud of snow shot up, and for quite a long time there was no Simpson.

    Now that is what God is doing with your past—with what you call your sins—blotting them out like a cloud.

    There always seemed to be a cloud on the Divine face, and he was kept at a distance.

    A cloud spread over the skies with frightful rapidity and intercepted the setting sunbeams.

    His uncle sat in a cloud of tobacco smoke, with a tumbler in his hand.

Word Origin & History of - cloud

    Word Origin & History

    cloud O.E. clud "mass of rock," from P.Gmc. *kludas, metaphoric extension 13c. based on similarity of cumulus clouds and rock masses. O.E. word for "cloud" was weolcan.

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