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The Synonym of - cloudburst (noun)

Word Example of - cloudburst

    Example Sentences for cloudburst

    Must have been a cloudburst, as they call it out in the Rockies, Mr. Mabie says.

    "The cloudburst was too much for the dam," he answered regretfully.

    Before we reached the Ford, the rain came down; then more rain came, and then there was a cloudburst.

    Once black clouds gathered in the distance, to pour out a cloudburst.

    It was a cloudburst—a downpour such as Hiram had seldom experienced before.

    There had been a cloudburst on a distant mountain and the stream was yellow and turbid.

    The first awful effects of the cloudburst were passing, and the water was going down slowly but surely.

    Isn't that pretty nearly what people call a cloudburst, uncle Phaeton?

    You know what I mean,” she said at the gate; “have you forgotten about the cloudburst?

    We call every snowstorm a blizzard, every breeze a gale, every shower a cloudburst.

Word Origin & History of - cloudburst

    Word Origin & History

    cloudburst 1817, Amer.Eng., from cloud + burst. Parallels Ger. Wolkenbruch.

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