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Word Example of - clue

    Example Sentences for clue

    Had she taxed him with her suspicions, and so discovered a clue?

    He could check their records, and get a clue to their efficiency.

    I shall be obliged for any clue to the arms, residence, &c. of this Mr. Cobb.

    As to any clue that might come from Captain Bunker, that's still more remote.

    Where shall we go for a clue to this curious and complicated legend?

    Aren't you going to be so good as to give me some clue to this mystery?

    And now, to follow the clue thus obtained into the higher manifestations of life.

    Yes, Leonora seemed to have got hold of the clue to the riddle.

    A clue to this understanding may come to him by intuition, by virtue of his own native insight and intelligence.

    He had stumbled on a clue, but the following it up was not for that day.

Word Origin & History of - clue

    Word Origin & History

    clue phonetic variant of clew (q.v.) "a ball of thread or yarn," with reference to the one Theseus used as a guide out of the Labyrinth. The purely figurative sense of "that which points the way" is from 1620s.

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