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What is a better word for cluster? What's another word for cluster? What are 5 "cluster synonyms"? How can I replace the word cluster? What is the meaning of cluster in English?

Word Example of - cluster

    Example Sentences for cluster

    The cluster shivered, as from hooked fore-foot to hooked hind-foot it telegraphed uneasiness.

    Ere long they saw in the distance an Indian village, consisting of a cluster of thirty or forty wigwams.

    Of the nests of Rooks, it may be sufficient to observe, that they are often found to the number of six, or even more in a cluster.

    After a short walk, they came upon a cluster of fifty or sixty cabins.

    Even less of a village is Ruan Major, whose church is seen amid a cluster of trees on the right of the road to Helston.

    She broke a lily from its stem, and drew it out of the cluster at her breast.

    Make careful drawings of a cluster of eggs, the grub and the beetle.

    The big push toward the center of Earth's cluster of worlds had begun.

    It was not far to walk, and a few minutes later they reached the other side of the clearing, where the cluster of cabins stood.

    And Oomah started on a run toward the cluster of hovels on the margin of the water.

Word Origin & History of - cluster

    Word Origin & History

    cluster O.E. clyster "cluster," probably from the same root as clot. The verb is from late 14c. Clusterfuck "bungled or confused undertaking" is from 1969, U.S. military slang, earlier "orgy" (1966).