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Word Example of - clutch

    Example Sentences for clutch

    Rob turned to whisper a question to Alex, but even as he did so he felt John clutch him by the arm.

    Amongst us a drowning man must himself create the straw to clutch at.

    As the canoes sped onward, the sound grew plainer and louder, and caused a clutch of fear at the throats of the girls.

    In vain he tried to clutch the earing; it slipped through his fingers.

    Eudena suddenly became rigid, ceased to breathe, her clutch convulsive, and her eyes starting.

    Small as the old man was, he was all sinew and muscle; his clutch was like that of a vice.

    Major Lazelle had caught Dotty, and she had thrown up both hands to clutch at his hair.

    And as I thought it I felt Paulette clutch me, shivering from head to foot.

    Now that they had got in the clutch, the others were on the verge of chickening out.

    Suddenly his hands ceased to clutch the rocks, and he dropped.

Word Origin & History of - clutch

    Word Origin & History

    clutch O.E. clyccan "bring together, bend (the fingers), clench," infl. in meaning by M.E. cloke "a claw." Automotive engine part (n.) is 1814, with the "seizing" sense extended to "coupling for bringing working parts together." Originally of mill-works, first used of motor vehicles 1899.