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Word Example of - coal

    Example Sentences for coal

    It was suspected that they had gone to coal in this remote corner of the oceans.

    We had taken in coal sufficient to run the steamer about two days.

    One can see how easy it will be for a lessee to make money in coal in Alaska.

    Did you ever wonder how beds of coal happened to be in the earth?

    Thus burglars carry bits of coal in their pockets, ‘for luck.’

    The cartridge exploded, and perhaps a ton or two of coal fell.

    England, her near neighbour, abounds in coal and iron, and has by means of these possessions become rich among the nations.

    The second kind of coal, the sort that is hard and bright, is anthracite.

    Since 1897 Natal has supplied free of cost 12,000 tons of coal to the British Navy.

    The slate is heavier than the coal, and sinks; and so the coal can easily be separated from it.

Word Origin & History of - coal

    Word Origin & History of coal

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