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Word Example of - coast

    Example Sentences for coast

    Our information in regard to the coast people is very limited.

    When we came to a point of land, or any opening in the coast, we could tell what it was.

    The movement of British shipping, on the Chilian coast had to be suspended.

    I hastened down to the pilot-house to consult the Coast Pilot.

    After he left Corfu they carried fire and sword along the Illyrian coast.

    The coast was clear, and I lost not a moment in carrying out my plans.

    He laughed contemptuously: "I could go down this coast with my eyes tied!"

    The Belle was directed to keep up careful soundings, and to range along the coast as near the shore as was safe.

    We were near to the coast, where the wind blows hard and there is much snow.

    Before he left he telegraphed to every likely coast town for Bosambo.

Word Origin & History of - coast

    Word Origin & History

    coast c.1125, from O.Fr. coste "shore, coast," from L. costa "a rib," developing a sense in M.L. of the shore as the "side" of the land. Fr. also used this word for "hillside, slope," which led to verb use of "sled downhill," first attested 1775 in Amer.Eng.

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