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Word Example of - coaxing

    Example Sentences for coaxing

    The parsons appear to be the main tools in this coaxing scheme.

    She dropped her coaxing voice and pecked the doctor like an irritated pigeon.

    "You look like a prince in it, Mr. Lint," pretty Rachel said, coaxing him with her beady black eyes.

    Now she was alternately wheedling, cursing, coaxing, bribing; all to no purpose.

    He tried to make it up by coaxing words, and kissed the little hand, but the child was shy of him, and crept under Noémi's shawl.

    Later events showed that fear could make them do what coaxing could not.

    Nobody ought to have been able to resist her coaxing manner; and nobody had any business to try.

    They were afraid that Raikes was coaxing Sparwick to turn traitor.

    "I want you to find out where your marm keeps that money," said Barton, in a coaxing tone.

    There was no waiting, no coaxing; it was drive and devilry all through.

Word Origin & History of - coaxing

    Word Origin & History

    coax 1580s, originally in slang phrase to make a coax of, from earlier noun coax, cox, cokes "a fool, ninny, simpleton;" modern spelling is 1706. Origin obscure, perhaps related to cock.

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