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Word Example of - coddle

    Example Sentences for coddle

    Just so long as athletes advertise the college, the administrations will coddle them.

    They have stopped trying to coddle me now and I live rough, like the rest.

    As it is, it's just me he needs to look after him and coddle him.

    You may take apricots not fully ripe, and coddle them, and that will do also.

    "Why, Mother, you're not going to coddle me at my age," he said.

    My dear, my only Mrs. Coddle, open your arms, and receive your husband and his friend.

    Mr. Bird contemplates one more trip to Honolulu, and brother John and I need some one to coddle and worry over.

    Harden its will by exercise at things it does not like, and do not coddle it.

    Mam' Sarah was very tall, and she had the best lap in the world to coddle down in, Roberta thought.

    I am not a nurse, I dont know how to coddle people and fuss over them.

Word Origin & History of - coddle

    Word Origin & History of coddle

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