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Word Example of - codex

    Example Sentences for codex

    His Codex would return to Dihli which he entered in July 1555, and there would be safe from risk of further mutilation.

    They possess emollient qualities and are official in the codex.

    On this supposition, the Vatican Codex would be the very first edition of the Bible that had the seal of a sovereign authority.

    Codex 40 contains the first ten books; a copy, probably, of the former.

    B is the Vatican codex of about the middle of the fourth century.

    Codex 15 is of the middle of the 15th century, and contains the last seven books.

    This codex is particularly valuable and important for the identification of the Apicius text.

    Codex M. 53 contains all but book ii., and is of the 15th century.

    Page 27, of the Codex Troano contains a picture, in which this character of goddess I may be distinctly recognized.

    Codex G. 53 contains the seventeen books, and is of the end of the 15th century.

Word Origin & History of - codex

    Word Origin & History

    codex "manuscript volume (especially an ancient one)," 1845, see code.

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