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Word Example of - codify

    Example Sentences for codify

    To codify is to classify, and Bentham might be defined as a codifying animal.

    That is, they refused to codify it and left it for the courts to decide.

    Hence it was possible to elaborate a consistent system of Halachah, and eventually to codify it all.

    There is nothing finical or foppish about the conventions which Mr. Harcourt undertakes to codify and explain.

    Then begin by stating what are our duties, and codify what is good and what is bad.

    In 1858 he was chosen by the Seventh General Assembly one of the three commissioners to revise and codify the laws of the state.

    That sanctified bookworm was the first to codify the laws, customs, habits, and idiosyncrasies of literary men.

    It is the illusory unity of our own personality, which leads us to unify and to codify natural phenomena and even humanity itself.

    Gov. Prescott appointed him, in 1877, one of the commissioners to revise and codify the statutes of New Hampshire.

    Tonight I ask you to codify this into law, so people of faith can know that the law will never discriminate against them again.

Word Origin & History of - codify

    Word Origin & History

    codify c.1800, from code on model of classify, etc. Related: codified; codification (1817).

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