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Word Example of - coffer

    Example Sentences for coffer

    After due time the coffer was finished, and it was acclaimed the masterpiece of the great artificer who had made it.

    Thus a coffer dam was formed to receive the concrete as shown in Fig. 34.

    Count, I have never seen anyone comparable with you for the quickness with which you open and close a coffer.

    Coffer cut with ledges and catch-holes for a lid, like other sarcophagi.

    And he brought something from the house in a coffer of wood, and kept it under his coat.

    For his own coffer he extracted a fiveweight and slipped it into his boot top.

    Coffin, kof′in, n. the coffer or chest in which a dead body is enclosed.

    A fourth time he advanced, trembling, and seized the lid of the coffer.

    They expected a hundred, for he had attended two terms, spent two days, and the money came out of the enemy's coffer.

    How had her body come to be in the coffer, he wondered, when all the others were—gone?

Word Origin & History of - coffer

    Word Origin & History

    coffer mid-13c., from O.Fr. cofre "a chest," from L. cophinus "basket" (see coffin).

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