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Word Example of - cogent

    Example Sentences for cogent

    The Master was unimpeachable; His terse, cogent assertions were unanswerable.

    That's the most cogent thought you ever had, but setting the date is the bride's business.

    Did Plautus himself suffer from any illusion that his plays were constructed with cogent and consummate technique?

    The style is very felicitous, and the reasoning clear and cogent.

    He not only bids us enjoy life, but gives us cogent reasons for enjoying it.

    And he can always give you the most cogent reasons for the faith that is in him.

    For cogent reasons, Vixnu next assumed the form of a man and lion at the same time.

    He adduces a cogent reason for thisNot as fools, but as wise.

    How cogent this necessity is appears directly the alternative is stated.

    I preferred a direct loan, and that for many and cogent reasons.

Word Origin & History of - cogent

    Word Origin & History

    cogent 1659, from Fr. cogent "necessary, urgent" (14c.), from L. cogentem (nom. cogens), prp. of cogere "to curdle, to compel, to collect," from com- "together" + agere "to drive" (see act).

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