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Word Example of - cogitation

    Example Sentences for cogitation

    The student of life and the philosopher will find here matter for cogitation, tinged maybe with seriousness, even sadness.

    The lad gave a prolonged whistle, and was lost for a moment in cogitation.

    As he painfully made his way back to the camp he did a vast deal of cogitation.

    At last, after days of talk and cogitation, we named our house "Rudder Grange."

    After a good deal of cogitation he came to the conclusion that the easiest way out of life would be by drowning.

    Dawn and her grandma had given me too much food for cogitation.

    Look, Najara, man; dost thou not see in what perplexity of cogitation he is involved,—yonder dull Bernal?

    The goldsmith seemed to think, and his cogitation made him smile.

    Meditation is the assiduous and sagacious revision of cogitation, and strives to explain the involved, and penetrate the hidden.

    Fleetwood put on the mask of cogitation to cover a shudder, 'How?'

Word Origin & History of - cogitation

    Word Origin & History

    cogitation early 13c., from O.Fr. cogitaciun, from L. cogitationem, noun of action from cogitare "to think," apparently from co-agitare, from co- "together" + agitare, here in a sense of "to turn over in the mind."

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