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Word Example of - cogitative

    Example Sentences for cogitative

    Both were self-taught, but one was intensely active, the other cogitative.

    The antithesis would be better expressed in many cases, by the words objective and mental, or objective and cogitative.

    The first eternal being is thus spiritual or “cogitative,” and contains in itself all the perfections that can ever after exist.

    The practical intellect is again divided into the cogitative and the technological.

    Mr. Rooper walked back to the tavern in a  cogitative state of mind.

    The discriminate procedure, manifestable by the instruments of knowledge, is called the cogitative.

    How can it be the cogitative principle in man, that is, that principle which convinces man he is not merely matter?

    Sounding the depths of his capacious intellect, his cogitative faculties were "in cogibundity of cogitation."

Word Origin & History of - cogitative

    Word Origin & History

    cogitative from O.Fr. cogitatif (14c.), from M.L. cogitativus, from L. cogitare (see cogitation).

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