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Word Example of - cognate

    Example Sentences for cognate

    All business, except tailoring for soldiers and cognate labors, is suspended.

    The bank of a river or lake was called Over, cognate with Ger.

    Passing from the athletes to a cognate subject, the following fragment from the Dictys nobly expresses the ideal of friendship.

    Stout, valiant, now used euphemistically for fat, is cognate with Ger.

    The simple predicate may be modified by a cognate object or by a phrase containing such an object ( 108).

    That the Greek mind was apt in doing this is cognate to their idealizing turn in art.

    Of this more anon in my forthcoming parvum opus on this and cognate subjects.

    There are cognate aims and similar achievements in literature and art.

    It may be connected with a verb “to hag,” meaning to cut in small pieces, and would then be cognate ultimately with “hash.”

    They are cognate tongues, and both are derived from the Sanskrit.

Word Origin & History of - cognate

    Word Origin & History

    cognate c.1645, from L. cognatus "of common descent," from com- "together" + gnatus, pp. of gnasci, older form of nasci "to be born" (see genus). Words that are cognates are cousins, not siblings.

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